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Building Offline and Online Bridges

photo © 2008 Peter Gorges | more info (via: Wylio ) I've seen some posts lately about the expectations that people have about social media online usage. This started in part with @ambercadabra's post on reciprocity.  She rightly points out that the expectation of a follow or friend through Twitter or Facebook is not warranted. This is about expectation right? I responded to Amber 's idea here initially  but I've been seeing more and more talk about how to interact online. A recent great example is @webby2001 post on social media non-natives "not getting it."  The gist was users of  social media and everything that it entails need to see the divide or gap and acknowledge that just because the luddites aren't online isn't a reason to "educate" them. I think this still comes down to expectations. You really need to know why you are using social media, because your goal isn't always going to jibe with people you know online or

What Really Hurts You?

photo © 2008 Tambako The Jaguar | more info (via: Wylio ) I mentioned my five year old the other day and how I learn from her constantly. A scary but ultimately humorous event the other night illustrates one of her inherent strengths and weaknesses(and mine as well). I was at a meeting after hours when I got a text "E hit her eye on a cabinet, REALLY bad spill!!!" Hate those in any format, but text is the worst. I received another moments after, "She needs to talk to you." At an immediately appropriate moment, I got up out of the meeting to call home. My little trooper answered and in her sobbing explained that she hit her eye on the cabinet that we placed in the hall from her brother's room that is getting shipped off. I got on the phone with my wife and got the full story. She had a doozy of a black eye developing with a huge welt. Of course, the way it happened is the way ANY child gets hurt in such circumstances EXCEPT she rounded the corner after

Bubbalon- Sharing Your Sentiment, One Sticker at a Time

Thanks to Jessica Rodriquez over at Bubbalon!   @jessrod354  sent me some Bubbalon stickers! Here is the cute letter she handwrote! Bubbalon's integration with FourSquare got a good work up by Da Man, Damond Nollan here . I've been toying with it slowly but surely. It might help if it WASN'T just an iPhone app right now, but I digress. Here's the group of each of the five Bubbalon stickers. Now I just need to find places for them. I'm not sure there is much in my life that is ATROCIOUS :( but I'll see what I can do. If you are interested in getting some, hit Jess up on Twitter at jessrod354 or at @bubbalon - I'd bet she would LOVE to send you some. PS- Apparently Jess writes EVERYthing for Bubbalon, but if you love Etsy, so does she- see here! Related articles Bubbalon: Fun Ratings, Reviews and Sentiment Sharing ( Join the Land of Bubbalonians: Say What You Want, When You Want (

Google Buzz RIP

Image via CrunchBase Let me preface my eulogy with noting my undying admiration and appreciation for nearly all things Google. I blog with Blogspot , I keep track of time with Google Calendars, and only recently started cheating on Google Docs with Dropbox . Google Buzz was announced with such promise and hope. Google has had many efforts to be "social," but Buzz seemed like such an opportunity to move forward. Sure there were some hiccups. You'd think that people would not mind sharing all their information given via their email usage to a new kid on the social block. Buzz got past that. Sure, it was tough getting along with Twitter and granted you NEVER got along with Facebook , but you were out here for us Google fans. Gmail was a trusted companion. But in the end, it may have contributed to your demise. People who roamed the social highways and byways just did not get that you were reliant on the email as your social graph, but most folks don't use it like that.

Indie Horror Film Found Its Money Online

So I wanted to revisit an older post . I had written about "Absentia," an independent film that was using Kickstarter as a funding source. This has become a unique proposition for artists and folks with a short-term limited project. You can help fund a variety of cool and interesting projects, but actually get something for it other than the satisfaction of helping. Fallback Plans actually got 375 backers to pledge over $23,000 when they were only asking for $15,000. I'm not sure if it is something you would ever use, but isn't it great? I've looked through some of Kickstarter's projects and several folks are brutally honest about one of the issues that is not readily apparent. Kickstarter charges back on the credit card charges and does charge a fee- neither are surprising or deal breakers. If you have the means to go about asking anyone for money, do so, but this is a great method and allows for enforcement of the gifts given for donating. Here is

Google Offers- Groupon Shoulda Sold?

Maybe it's just me, but this hoopla over Google creating an "Offers" or whatever they calling it alternative to Groupon isn't THAT big of a deal! See more here. If you have used Google Places, which allows you to pimp out your online Google listing that will appear in maps etc, then you should have seen this some time in the past: Mind you, if you click through and check out the Scribd  listing sheet or the Mashable story above, you'll see that Google has the same idea but probably done slightly better. Most folks are selling the Google team short saying they are getting into the game too late. This is Google people, who is better at online advertisings? Which is functionally, beyond the sales game of getting the deals, the only thing that makes Groupon stand out. I spoke before about how easy it would be for ANYONE to get into the local game . Google has a huge advantage. Low cost for the advertising, which is all anyone would need. Plus if they can offer bett

Something to Look Forward To

I am such a sap for the first Scream movies. Saw each of them in the theaters. Yes, they decline in their value (not unlike the Star Wars prequels or the Lord of the Rings movies , oh yeah, I said it). MILD Scream SPOILERS (if you haven't seen them by now, perhaps you should just move on). But their comedy, direction, and generally decent acting made for some great stuff. Thankfully, they realized that Dewey was somewhat the heart and soul of the pic and did not kill him off in the first one. Killing Randy in the second was probably the biggest error of the entire series, but thankfully... we have SCRE4M... Enjoy Related articles "EXCLUSIVE: Clint Eastwood To Direct Beyoncé In Musical Version Of 'A Star Is Born'" and related posts ( "Tron: Legacy" a Pre-Flop ( Alt Text: An Open Letter to Hobbit Director Peter Jackson (

One HUGE Problem with Cinchcasting

Ok, I am cool with the principle of using audio to blogcast. Specifically, I have been using Cinchcast like  others. However, subscribing via RSS doesn't help you do much unless you are prepared to listen to it directly. And Cinches that are embedded in blog posts are lost- check out a recent one I posted via Feedburner : That's right, it looks like I stop altogether. Ugh- I checked the RSS for Cinches and unless you post something on their edit, you would see nothing as well. Which makes sense. Really not sure about using as a LEGIT blog alternative- especially because I can't listen to them on my "dumb" phone. Related articles Social Networking with your Audio using ( 10 Ways to Use Cinchcast to Boost Your Visibility ( Robert Scoble: You might have heard of CinchCast. It's a new app/service that runs on mobile phones. I use the iPhone version. I record audio using it, which posts right after... (scobleize

Quick Take on the 2nd Episode of "The Cape"

Image by Getty Images via @daylife Enjoyed the second episode of the new NBC comic book-inspired actioner " The Cape ." This could be a great family show. It airs at the 9 o'clock hour for some violence that isn't too over the top. Summer Glau from the "Terminator" TV show and " Firefly " does an "ok" job. The lead David Lyons  is square-jawed enough for the role. Probably the highlight is the sideshow carnival acts that help the hero. Related articles 'The Cape' Fan Columnist: A Contender for the Cape ( David Lyons and Summer Glau Interview THE CAPE ( Sarah Connor Chronicles Writer on Reuniting with Summer Glau [Exclusive] (

Twitter Tool You Need: Slipstream

My new favorite toy for Twitter is one that you have to wonder why THEY didn't create- seriously this time. Slipstream gives me a reason to use the "NEW" Twitter interface as it only works in it right now. As you can see from the screenshot, it allows you to HIDE specific Tweets from people or based on keyword mentions. It will even let you determine where to block it. You can pick your lists, your home feed, you name it! So far, oneforty only has one review  and it is neutral if not positive. You can find it in the Chrome Web Store and it was an easy download! The reviews there are positive as well! Watch a brief video: from Arthur Klepchukov on Vimeo . You can see how it has changed from when it was being worked on last year, but after just messing around with it, I now have to stick with "new" Twitter to enjoy the benefit of Slipstream. Related articles Launching My First Incubated Startup Today ( Picking Twitter T

Quora- where is the fire?

photo © 2010 Jason Tester Guerrilla Futures | more info (via: Wylio ) Quora- don't believe the hype.  This sucker has been around over a year now. There are a growing number of online folks who are seeing what I think I am seeing about Quora . Lots of smoke, but where is the fire? @mikeshaffer  has probably  one of the better looks  at how we are just jumping on the flavor of the week.  Most blog posts I've read about it whether for good or ill end  the same way: I've tried it, what do you think of it? If you need someone to tell you whether its worthwhile, then it PROBABLY isn't. Brandon Cox nails down the best description: "collaborative social research"-  http://www.fuelyourblogging. com/quora-an-awesome-tool-for- something/ @kirstenwright  has a great take on it  here . She summarizes part of the problem: "None of the questions really felt like they were getting anything  more  accomplished because they were on this platform." I'm not going

Twitter- it's a numbers game?

photo © 2009 Lauren O'Grady | more info (via: Wylio ) A great response to a common Twitfliction: reciprocity. @ambercadabra  wrote a slight diatribe here  about folks on Twitter and Facebook to a lesser extent feeling that they are entitled to your attention for theirs. Head over, good stuff. My only contribution was to check out one of the sites that appears to be helping the cause.  Head over and check out:  - not the most useful Twitter toll in the world, but I suppose if you really want to have an idea about WHEN people are ditching (thus avoiding such Tweets in the future) it could be handy.  I doubt that self-reflective reasoning is why when it seems some people are calling out others for not following back. Weird! I think the real reason you might see some expectation of follower reciprocity is that many are viewing these communication methods as if they were just collecting Pokemon or even worse that they were just potential customers

Quick Take on Episodes and Shameless from Showtime

Image via Wikipedia Used the FREE Showtime preview last week to tape both original shows Episodes with Matt LeBlanc and Shameless with William Macy One was REALLY well done and the other has something to still prove. Listen here to see which is which! Related articles British Invasion: An Advance Review of Showtime's Shameless and Episodes ( 5 Facts About 'Shameless' Star Justin Chatwin ( Five Reasons Why 2011 Could Be the Year of Showtime (

Drawing Stars

Nearly every day I am humbled by my 5, almost, 6 year old. I share this not because I want to brag on my daughter (although I would), but because it is a worthy lesson for EVERYONE. She was playing with her most favorite (and best purchase of the year) Christmas toy- a whiteboard easel. She happened to be drawing stars and said to my wife, who was sitting nearby, "I know you can't draw these too well." My wife didn't argue. She offered, "You need to practice is all." Sage advice, but that's not where the story ends. She says, " Mom, it's ok that you can't draw stars too well. You are good at other things like singing." My wife thanked her and looked back at what she was doing. My daughter paused, "Mommy, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings." My wife protested, she understood what my precocious daughter was saying and understood that she wasn't being mean. Are you that self-aware? Related articles The

Quick Take on the "The Cape"

Quick take on the NBC Show " The Cape " Related articles 'The Cape' Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2 (Series Premiere) Recap ( "Ratings for NBC's 'The Cape' were not so heroic in Sunday premiere" and related posts (

Great Example of Followthrough

I would not normally speak about personal stuff, but this is one of those lessons worth sharing. Photo:  JLA Carter Our son came to us and said that the day after Veterans Day last week he was going to have a substitute. His class was warned by the teacher that it was a reviled sub that he had mentioned to us before. He was asking not to go to school and was on the verge of a breakdown over having to deal with this woman.  To get him over the hump, I said that I would email the principal the night before and let her know that I would be coming to see my son over lunch and that she needed to check into this issue for my son. To her credit, the principal was WAITING for my son and asked him about his concern for not coming to school because of the sub. He answered her questions and she reassured him that it would not be an issue. The rest of the day was spent with a  great  sub. (I know because I did meet her at lunch when I did get to go see him) Talk about response time! Mind you, the

Twitter in Bad Company- Don't?

I like some people I've met via Twitter quite a bit, but one whose voice really hits me is @WordsDoneWrite  . I know part of the reason is because we were both debaters. How I know is because of the way she "says" things. I get it. I can actually hear it. Photo: ImNotQuiteJack She took particular offense to "contest criminals" running shady contests on their blogs. I was with her one hundred percent until she got here: When you talk with someone online, you're implying to some degree that you think they're alright. If you take that further and retweet their blog post, share their contest, or promote their event, you're telling your network that you  approve  of this person. It's essentially vouching for them. The reputation you've established may sway people to participate, enroll, or otherwise support the person in question. Your reputation is at stake with every bit of information you share.  This is PROBABLY nitpicking- we could hash this

Mr. Lipton’s Questions (From The Brand Builder)

Image via Wikipedia This is a thrice-stolen idea. I am stealing from Joey Strawn who borrowed it from  this idea from Olivier Blanchard  from his blog on  The Brand Builder . I'm with Joey. Tipton is FANTASTIC and this is a great way to reveal something about yourself to people. My only suggestion? Don't limit it to a particular area. Do it in your field. In essence, Olivier answered the following question:  “If James Lipton , host of “ Inside the Actor’s Studio ” BRAVO television program, were to interview a marketing or business person , here’s how he’d probably adapt his famous 10 questions that he asks at the end of the show. How would you answer them?” What is your favorite "business" word? Cooperation. What is your least favorite "business" word? No. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally about "business?" When the lightbulb goes off for myself or especially seeing it in other people. What turns you off about "bu

Where I listen to Damond Nollan

For $500, Be Your Own Groupon!

I got an idea- give me $500 and I'll start the next Groupon . Look at this list of ways to start your own Groupon-style website. clone a-site-like-groupon- livingsocial/   Photo: elvissa http://www.dailydealbuilder. com/ groupon_clone.htm deals/groupon-clone/ Yep, if want to go into business in the deal of the day realm all we need is sales people to go out and find 300-some odd deals for a particular area and make sure that it is promoted in a manner to get people to signup for it. Oh wait, that's right: Groupon is a glorified email list . Most people don't realize that Groupon started as a Wordpress site that offered one deal. Of course, the idea stuck and grew. Why? Because people WANTED the dea

7 Non-Resolutions I Resolve to Keep

I  owe   Meg Fowler   for this piece of brilliance: 01/04/7-things-im-not- changing-this-year/ I wrote last week about NOT making resolutions and making plans. And I am with Meg on this: I firmly believe you can change whenever you decide change is necessary, whether the calendar reads January 1st or June 3rd or October 31st (Halloweenolutions!) So in solidarity I suggest the things I am not changing about myself this year. 1. As Frugal as I Wanna Be- I have no issue telling you I can be a cheap bastard. Not when it comes to important things, but man I love a bargain like it's nobody's business. I will still find ways of getting free magazines, checking  FatWallet , and going to the dollar theater to cut costs when I can! 2. I   Google. I don't really have much of a problem admitting that I use a TON of their products and am still hurting a little inside because I have not received a Chrome OS Laptop (hint hint). 3. I will blog... more.

How Posterous Caused Me to Jump Ship

Image via Wikipedia Well this wasn't how I was going to do this, but what the heck. I was ready to bag on Posterous a while back, but after I made the decision to move my "social media" stuff exclusively over to  (go ahead you can check out the goodies there) I was contemplating my next move for I learned the entire structure of hosting and the domain were farked up and back tonight so I jumped shipped over to Blogger. Why? 1. I was able to move the entirety of the old blog over with so little hassle it wasn't even funny. Posterous keeps pushing people to move their blogs to them and they would LOVE to have you, but I had almost ZERO time and effort in shifting the old posts over to the new host. 2. Blogger is CHEAP. Oh, yeah- it's FREE. Well so is Posterous, but dang they were killing me. I love FREE but it should be as reliable as possible and I already had experience with a lovely time over here at Blogspot .