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What Time is It?

sabbatical Pronunciation: s - bat-i-k l Function: adjective 1 : of or relating to the Sabbath &; sabbatical laws&; 2 : of or relating to a leave granted usually every seventh year (as to a professor) for rest, travel, or research While my post title might imply the first part of the definition, the real reason is closer to the second. I've got bigger fish to fry for the moment. Nothing groundbreaking or monumental. Just stuff that needs tending which means something has to give. Which will be my posting here and here . I've been sporadic at best lately anyway. Hope I have something cool when I come back to posting regularly. You can still find me here . Or even Google Plus me! And no, it won't be in a year, despite the definition- it just seemed apt to describe what I need right now. Related articles You say sabbatical, I say vacation ( Digital sabbatical? Look within. ( Tips on