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Takes a Lickin'

I want to tell you a story, but I am going to show you the result first. You can see on my largely shorn and large cranium in the picture toward the back left is an indentation. That little dark line that's about an inch long. The story is from a late 70's winter in Northwestern Pennsylvania where I spent my grade school years. One winter, as the kids in the neighborhood did, I went out to play across the field to play next door in the snow. It was typically cold and snowy as you would expect. Like feet deep. Not the wimpy precipitation of eastern North Carolina (which is exactly why I live here and not there). My mother bundled me like that little kid in "A Christmas Story." I had the snowsuit on. Multiple layers of socks. Gloves, a toboggan. I began to step out into the cold from our back porch where there was an old screen storm door. As I opened the door and stepped out, a GIGANTIC icicle came down and landed smack on my head. Now I was pulled int