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My 2018 Movie Review Post

I have not done a movie review post since 2016, but I thought I would take a look back at 2018 and see how I did with the US movie box office. I posted in order the movies by US take and was amazed how many I did not bother or haven't seen as of yet.  1              Black Panther -    while we shouldn't be surprised considering the pedigree and the resources behind this picture, it is still remarkable how successful this movie is on virtually every level. Yes, it does have some shoddy CGI towards the end and the finale battle doesn't quite work or feel quite right, but otherwise as the recent Oscars bear out- the individual parts all worked in such concert it is amazing to think that this was only the third feature from the director.    2              Avengers: Infinity War - a multi-year exercise over different franchises and creators has come to fruition with the ultimate crisis team-up film that feels like something I might have read in comic nearly thi