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I like to think that most people think of me as a pretty happy person. I am, for the most part. I went through some 360 Leadership training earlier this year and did some goal orienting and yada yada yada. Anyhoo, the end result was some good introspection. One thing that occurred in the outside looking in was that I actually have a lot to be happy about and gratitude is something to be shared and enjoyed. Not to be bragging, not to be a show-off, just to say "I'm happy, and thankful." Did you know that they can tell if you are depressed by analyzing your Facebook? So, I saw something call the 100DaysofHappy and of course there are 365daychallenges, you name it. I decided to challenge myself to share at least one thing every day that makes me happy. I'd LOVE to know what makes you happy too. Use the hashtag #365daysofhappyfortodd (seriously, no one is using it). Shar