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Google Ain't Got Nothing on Michael Bay

Look, I understand that there is some concern that if you have a website as a small business (or any for that matter) you ought to make sure that you have a "mobile-friendly" version of the site. In case you haven't heard,  Mobilegeddon is Coming! Google is changing their search algorithm today to prefer mobile-ready sites. This makes sense considering the crazy amount of traffic that virtually any website is going to get from a phone, tablet etc versus the traditional desktop or laptop. However, before you imagine asteroid explosions on your SERP that would make Michael Bay jealous. Calm down and realize... YOU PROBABLY DON'T HAVE A WEBSITE. ( At least according to most website builders. ) I suggest it is true based on empirical observation... most just don't have a website. 50% 60% 70%... it varies, but I'd guess it is always been high. There are a metric ton of small businesses that have ZERO website. Sure, they might be on Facebook, etc-