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Do You Work with Lazy Consultants?

I find it hard to believe how often I see small businesses and more importantly people who would work for small business who have no problem stealing from others. Entrepreneur Magazine is a great resource for start ups and businesses looking to get some quick tidbits of info and knowledge. They have a pretty standard Terms of Service for their publication you can find here: I've seen local and now not-so-local "consultants" pushing their material as if it was their own. It's hard to believe we haven't gotten past the days when cut-n-paste enabled plagiarism wasn't eliminated, but I guess with so much out there, it is hard for a publisher to protect themselves. But then again, maybe you ought not to do business with someone too self-involved to give credit to another or just too lazy? Either way, take a look at the work of who you are working with to make sure they are not essentially thieves. If they can do i