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Clean Up Your Linkedin

909. That's how many "connections" I had amassed on Linkedin since January 2009. Well, I just "Hoovered" my connections. I went down the list, bit by bit, and removed a whopping 203 from the pile. Sadly, some of the folks had passed. I'd say about 1/4 never really used the platform at all even if I knew them well enough. I'd say another 1/4 might have meant to use the platform, but switched jobs, lost interest, or just didn't bother. It was surprising the number who had duplicate and even triplicate accounts (?) I was really surprised by the number of what I would consider "high profile" people I know that have poorly executed Linkedin accounts. I'm not in an area where Linkedin is perceived as a networking opportunity, but it is. I get requests DAILY from people I have no clue who they are. Somehow they found me. For some reason, they deem me important enough to get in their circles. I suspect it was just because it looked li