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Another Discontinued Product?

I hate when something I like is discontinued. The TV Show Firefly. The Volcano burrito at Taco Bell. Now, the "Linkedin Resume Builder." It used to be that you could go to and login into your Linkedin account and then have a really nice tool to tweak your resume. I've not had to do this for myself in some time. I have however for clients and while there are come interesting alternatives that might allow you to import your Linkedin Profile. None are particularly good as the original for editing and making a presentable resume. I'd dare say the experiment has illustrated that there is a market for Linkedin to CHARGE for this service. "Sure, we provide you with a GREAT looking online resume, but you will pay to make it functional IRL." Don't be surprised if you see a paid for version of this service soon. Highly frustrating and sad that people have not caught on to it as even this article from last month was still touti