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Twitter: Too Big to Fail? A Response

I have not written like this in a while, but I had to document my reaction to yet one more "NO, THIS is the PROBLEM with Twitter" blog post. What finally set me over the edge was a "reaction to a reaction" blog post by Mack Collier here. His post was a response to Gary Vaynerchuk here . Wow. I REALLY can not believe we are hearing the same inter-webs pap for the last TEN YEARS? Yes, ten years of hearing the same complaints, same problems, same same. To Vaynerchuk, I say thee: why invest in something that has ESSENTIALLY been the same "group chat" tool it has been since day one. Sure, there are some ups and downs based on who came and went, or how Twitter helped something some time, or heaven forbid, it was the ONLY place that celebrity posted that thing that time. They can enact some algorithms like Facebook to make it more palatable, less of a firehose, but it was ALWAYS a firehose with ZERO privacy and always noisy, always competitive. Heck,