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Monday, January 17, 2011

Quora- where is the fire?
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Quora- don't believe the hype. This sucker has been around over a year now.

There are a growing number of online folks who are seeing what I think I am seeing about Quora.

Lots of smoke, but where is the fire?

@mikeshaffer has probably one of the better looks at how we are just jumping on the flavor of the week. 

Most blog posts I've read about it whether for good or ill end  the same way: I've tried it, what do you think of it?

If you need someone to tell you whether its worthwhile, then it PROBABLY isn't.

Brandon Cox nails down the best description: "collaborative social research"- 

@kirstenwright has a great take on it here. She summarizes part of the problem:
"None of the questions really felt like they were getting anything more accomplished because they were on this platform."
I'm not going to say Quora isn't different from all the other question services, but I did lump it in with a bunch of other services back in September! 

Venkatesh Rao  has a fantastic view of Quora here (way deep folks) but two snippets really illustrate a where I think it is headed:

"I am leaning right now towards the conclusion that if they don’t make some basic changes,  Quora will die, rather than go downmarket, through evaporative cooling."
and why:
"Quora is a victim of unbalanced growth. It’s like a baby with a fully-developed, brawny and hairy right arm."

What say you about Quora?
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