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I'm Todd Lyden,
Entrepreneurial Advocate
from North Carolina

Once referred to as walking solopreneur wikipedia," I have worked for the last 13 years to help small business owners and entrepreneurs find their successes; however I can help them. I love being a first adopter. Just as much as I love discovering a good tool- I love sharing it!

What I Do

I can provide online training or help you provide online training, meetings or any virtual communication.

Mobile Apps

I keep up with the latest in web-based and smartphone apps that help small businesses start and grow.

Social Media

I can help you sort through the piles of social media to figure out which is right for you and how to best take advantage of the different platforms.

Blog Posts

Takes a Lickin'

I want to tell you a story, but I am going to show you the result first.

You can see on my largely shorn and large cranium in the picture toward the back left is an indentation.

That little dark line that's about an inch long.

The story is from a late 70's winter in Northwestern Pennsylvania where I spent my grade school years.

One winter, as the kids in the neighborhood did, I went out to play across the field to play next door in the snow.

It was typically cold and snowy as you would expect. Like feet deep. Not the wimpy precipitation of eastern North Carolina (which is exactly why I live here and not there).

My mother bundled me like that little kid in "A Christmas Story." I had the snowsuit on. Multiple layers of socks. Gloves, a toboggan.
I began to step out into the cold from our back porch where there was an old screen storm door. As I opened the door and stepped out, a GIGANTIC icicle came down and landed smack on my head.

Now I was pulled into the house as I cried the tears of a child who had been almost brained.

My mother rubbed my head, asked if I still felt okay to go outside and sent me on my way (she might have given me childrens' Tylenol, I don't remember).

I trudged through the snowy field between our houses and went into the house of our next door neighbor. My friend's mother helped my take off the top of my snow suit and then my heavy toboggan.

There was blood running down the sides of my head. She quickly discovered the wound at the top of my head that you can now see the scar of.

My mother took my to my pediatrician. It seemed I remember them much better as a doctor then we remember our own kids' physicians largely because it was easier to access and also because I required so much more attention as a kid then my kids ever did.

I recall hearing: "He might have died if you hadn't put on the hat and snow suit."  I was saved by a thick toboggan.

Any way, to this day, I could always feel this reminder etched into my head even through an unshorn head of hair, but especially now that I keep a tight chrome like look to my noggin.

I also remember an old saying: "Take a lickin' and keeps on tickin'." Old people like me will know which company that refers to.

Always be a little extra safe... you know instead of sorry.

Locked Out of Linkedin?

I hate being a nitpick.
But you Linkedin users who are using your business email to signup and use the platform might be in for a rude awakening.
You DO NOT OWN that email.
You WILL LEAVE that position someday.
And when it happens, man...
I'll let Andrew Brandt explain it much better than I, but how hard is it to just use your personal email?


I like to think that most people think of me as a pretty happy person.
I am, for the most part.
I went through some 360 Leadership training earlier this year and did some goal orienting and yada yada yada.
Anyhoo, the end result was some good introspection.
One thing that occurred in the outside looking in was that I actually have a lot to be happy about and gratitude is something to be shared and enjoyed.
Not to be bragging, not to be a show-off, just to say "I'm happy, and thankful."
Did you know that they can tell if you are depressed by analyzing your Facebook?

So, I saw something call the 100DaysofHappy and of course there are 365daychallenges, you name it.
I decided to challenge myself to share at least one thing every day that makes me happy.
I'd LOVE to know what makes you happy too.

Use the hashtag #365daysofhappyfortodd (seriously, no one is using it).

Share on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook- and be on the lookout here...
Starting July 27- which is my birthday, but not the reason for happiness alone.
Want to celebrate with me? Share the happy!

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