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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Twitter- it's a numbers game?
Twitter365 - Day 77 Battle of the followersphoto © 2009 Lauren O'Grady | more info (via: Wylio)
A great response to a common Twitfliction: reciprocity.

@ambercadabra wrote a slight diatribe here about folks on Twitter and Facebook to a lesser extent feeling that they are entitled to your attention for theirs. Head over, good stuff.

My only contribution was to check out one of the sites that appears to be helping the cause. 
Head over and check out: who.unfollowed.me - not the most useful Twitter toll in the world, but I suppose if you really want to have an idea about WHEN people are ditching (thus avoiding such Tweets in the future) it could be handy. 

I doubt that self-reflective reasoning is why when it seems some people are calling out others for not following back.

Weird! I think the real reason you might see some expectation of follower reciprocity is that many are viewing these communication methods as if they were just collecting Pokemon or even worse that they were just potential customers

Too often, much of what is done online is just about collecting the best numbers, influence etc. Heck, look at the rise of Klout

But even worse might be: people are just viewing you as a potential customer, lead, whatever they need for business. Ugh.

Even if you are not, don't treat your next follower or friend online like a notch in the bedpost, eww.

We are told to view almost everyone as a potential customer yes? But is that how you want to build up relationships, online or off? Think about how you build up relationships offline, odds are you wouldn't pull anything like the number collecting or treating everyone like a potential customer there- why would you online?

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