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Working Yourself Out of Job

I wrote this blog post a few years ago: Wow, how times have changed. One has graduated from a radiology program is a gainfully employed human being. Amanda, keep doing what you do.  One is about to go to college for a program he loves with friends he loves. Josh, you are going to do GREAT things.   One is entering her second year of high school in one of the most turbulent times of ANYONE's life- and she is still one of the most caring and optimistic people I've ever met. I like to think as a parent I had a role in all of this.  In my old post, I describe being a parent as the toughest job you'll ever love. I love that I can say that these three made it easy.  The sad job about being a parent? You work yourself out of job. That kinda sucks. But look forward to being there for these awesome humans as they continue to do their best.  Will touch up my tattoo soon, but it like these guys isn't going anywhere soon