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Hold Your Nose, and Vote?

I come back to voting every election year, mainly because I am so thoroughly disappointed in the outcomes of our two-party system. And make no mistake, it is the party system that fails us. I talked about "how not to get out the vote"  - "vote even if you are disgusted?" UGH I've always liked this article about shaming "non-voting." I completely agree with the author:  "No one should have to justify exercising a right; rights, by definition, justify themselves. Nevertheless, for many people, not voting is an entirely rational choice: The cost of learning about the candidates and the issues often outweighs the benefit to be had from casting a ballot whose odds of making a significant difference in the outcome are infinitesimal." And for those that argue that you have a "civic duty to vote," please lay off the doody. I like what this guy has to say about the idea. Just because someone has the right to bear firearms does n