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What Do You Say in Your First Blog Post?

Why do people bother getting a vanity URL in this day and age? Phaedrus said, "Unless what we do is useful, our glory is vain." This is handy as this is the same guy who stole all of Aesop's fables and wrote them in Latin. In getting MY OWN vanity URL, I was trying to figure out how to be useful, have glory, and not be vain at the same time.  I've made that first step, but the second step of actually writing something worth reading is tough.  You are probably on Facebook and read nuggets of information from your average 130 some friends (more if you are REALLY popular). Or you are not, because you are not about to fall into this abyss online that just sucks up all your time and energy reading about your old high school sports buddy's trip to the bathroom. Either way, you managed to trip to my section of the inter-web. Now imagine, what do you write about?  Remember THOSE assignments in junior high? You barely had enough brain power coping wit