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Thank you, Mr. Hively

I had never heard of John Hively before. But I was looking for a quote about aging and found this: “It's easy to grow old if you haven't grown up” Wow... I'd not heard this one bit of my psyche put so succinctly before- but thank you Mr. Hively. I turned 40 last year. That sentence does not cause me any great emotions except to wonder the same thing I have told folks for pretty much the last twenty years. "I can't believe that the world has allowed me to enter the adult workspace..." From the moment I felt the freedom of not living under parental control and being loose in the world, I have hardly felt a day like I belonged in it. This isn't to say I have not learned your rules and adapted to how to "be an adult." I never felt like Peter Pan and wanted to stay young, but I always felt like I had pulled something over on the rest of the world. Like a kid who stayed up too late for the first time. That realization that I could