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Monday, January 10, 2011

Great Example of Followthrough
I would not normally speak about personal stuff, but this is one of those lessons worth sharing.
Photo: JLA Carter
Our son came to us and said that the day after Veterans Day last week he was going to have a substitute. His class was warned by the teacher that it was a reviled sub that he had mentioned to us before.
He was asking not to go to school and was on the verge of a breakdown over having to deal with this woman. 
To get him over the hump, I said that I would email the principal the night before and let her know that I would be coming to see my son over lunch and that she needed to check into this issue for my son.
To her credit, the principal was WAITING for my son and asked him about his concern for not coming to school because of the sub.
He answered her questions and she reassured him that it would not be an issue. The rest of the day was spent with a great sub. (I know because I did meet her at lunch when I did get to go see him)
Talk about response time! Mind you, the principal could have gotten my email the night before, but odds are better she only checked it in the morning before my son got to school. He was fairly sure that the principal was there in time to get rid of the original sub because the new one was only arriving when he got there.
Needless to say, the principal got a note from me and a thank you note from my son.
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