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As Long as Twitter Exists, Checkin NEVER Dies

Twitter is so many things. But at its core, its a functional checkin service isn't it? If you use it the way most experts recommend, you are retweeting messages (links) from people you wanted shared, including a small mix of yours in for good measure. Isn't that just telling people what you are reading? I've seen some automated Twitter tool discussion lately. The gist was that people didn't like referring something that they maybe hadn't read. But that means that all functional checkins are just referrals right? Checking out an article, link, webpage, a restaurant, movie, book- it is all the same right? So as long as Facebook and Twitter allow us to aggregate those "checkins" or referrals, we will keep doing it. And Twitter ain't going anywhere fast.

What are Your "Famous Last Words?"

Image via Wikipedia "These are my famous last words." That's how Dave Grohl opens the first song on the new Foo Fighter 's album, "Bridge Burning." Much of the album is introspective, but that line really got me thinking. What do you want your "famous last words to be?" Let's keep it to 140 characters! Related articles Foo Fighters Documentary 'Incredibly Uncomfortable' Viewing for Dave Grohl ( Foo Fighters And "Godlike Genius" Dave Grohl To Rock Live On Letterman April 12 ( Disc of the week: Grohl and Co. bring it all back home ( Foo Fighters' Inspiration For New Album "Wasting Light" (

Epitome Monday: Wasting Light, Foo Fighters album Review

  And now for something completely different: I have been waiting for the next Foo Fighters album since they announced they were going back into the studio last year (Dave's garage!). The innovators have released a streaming album this past week in what could have been taken as an April Fool's joke. I decided to give my opinion of the album as hardcore Foo fan. The trim album barely clocks in at 47 minutes with 11 songs. 1. Bridge Burning- call me a traditionalist, but I love this song. Like many of their other big hits like Pretender , this progressive song is hard hitting and has the changes the band has become known for. Dave screams, but does great lyrical work.  The progressions are amazing. The harmonies are dead on. The backing sweet. A terrific riff. Just perfect. There are so many performers on this song and not an ounce of them are wasted. This song is a shot across the bow of all deadbeat bands. 2. Rope- the first official single from the album. Probably the