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One Reason Google Plus has a Chance

Image via Wikipedia Wow, the backlash against the Google Plus roll out has begun! Granted, I am an unabashed Google fan, but even I have my limits. (Wave anyone?) But one thing I mentioned yesterday and has been largely ignored so far? Google is pushing HARD on the mobile market. " Android appears on track to remain the mobile computing market leader during the next five years."  Within five years, Android is going to be over HALF the worldwide mobile market in tablets and smartphones.  And guess where Google Plus is already? Android Marketplace.   Google has one billion users to Facebook's total 750 million world wide (I'd still love to see EITHER'S real active users). The number is going to grow on the Google side just due to Android alone. Like I said, Google has a chance. We all ask if this is about killing Facebook, but Google seems to be asking the right question- how do they compete on their turf? The killing, or just doing well, can come later. Related

Can Google Take on Facebook?

I mocked Google's efforts with Buzz here. And they deserved it. Now Google is rolling out the "Google + Project." Sounds like a bad band name doesn't it? The want desperately to take on Facebook where it lives- in the "social." They've been trying with this straight up Google + (plus) thing that for all intents and purposes looks like nothing more than a glorified delicious or digg knock-off designed to be some bookmarking device? Here are some of mine: That's not too social- but what Mashable has to show is looks promising. Some highlights: Sparks addresses my above concern. Using the +1 system, they are going to develop interests online and more or less become friend/associated curated content for you. Circles- meant to directly compete with Facebook's trying to delineate your social down to more manageable chunks. It has specific group chat and photo functions! They have a "group video chat" called "Hangouts." They are al

Bragging and Knowing Your Life Plan

‎1st. You're a baby. 2nd. You're a kid. 3rd. You're a teenager. 4th. You are a young adult. 5th. You are in college. 6th. You get married. 7th. You have kids. 8th. You are old grandma or grandpa. 9th. You DIE. 10th. Your life is over. I have two points today. 1. I tend to talk about my youngest a lot on here. Is that ok? Is it bragging? Partially. I am so impressed with what she does and says sometimes, I just want it slightly validated that what I thought was cool is cool. Sure, I'm biased, but some of what she does and says is just nuts. Look up there: she wrote that. Six years old and she has it all figured out. Step six in life? "You get meredid." Mark Schaefer was talking today  about how bloggers needed to express more pride. For him, it was finally getting quoted in the NY Times. He describes this "bragging" as a taboo, but I don't see it. I suppose it is semantics, but whether you wrap it up in a "let me share an experience s

My Job

(Updated Picture, but not updated dates below) If you have known me any length of time, you've heard me speak about these people above. I married into being a (step)father when Amanda (12) and Josh (9) were eight years younger. Then came the terror of their sister Erica (6).   This Father's Day (yesterday), I mentioned to someone on Twitter that being a parent was like being in the Peace Corps "the hardest job you'll ever love." Fellow parents, can I get an "amen?" Being a father is a different thing from being a mother. If you want the graduate level course on understanding it, watch Bill Cosby's "Himself." One thing in the relationship between most children and their parents is clear who is mostly in charge. Cosby said it: " I am not the boss of my house. I don't know how I lost it. I don't know where I lost it. I don't think I ever had it. But I've seen the boss's job... and I don't want it.&qu

The Folly of Comment Cards

I was at a local eatery today and noticed for the first time in a while: a comment card! Seriously. I can't remember the last time I saw one, but it struck me. As I was looking at it, I had already broken out my phone and was checking in via Yelp and Foursquare. The comment card was standard pap. Rate the service, food, cleanliness. Then it committed a cardinal sin, it asked for an ADDRESS? It was a postcard, which I supposed makes sense for most restaurants, but why NOT use the internet to your advantage? I suppose I could have taken the card and actually mailed (what are the odds?). Three problems with them. 1. Nothing for me 2. Could take forever, if at all. 3. Cost

Improv for a Better Life: Quick Take of Bossypants

Just finished Tina Fey 's "Bossypants," her first book. Yes, I'm a bit late to the party, but it is definitely worth the time! If you like " 30 Rock " at all, you will love the humor of this book. But this is not to review the book, which could be summarized as this- great start, AWESOME chapter about her father ("That's Don Fey"), and slightly peters out. It is part auto-biography and all funny. One thing stood out for me,  a section called "The Rules of Improvisation That Will Change Your Life and Reduce Belly Fat." *Improve will not reduce belly fat. Her first rule: always agree and say yes. This goes to what your partner creates, you need to roll with it no matter how outlandish. As she says, "start with a yes and see where that takes you." Second rules is "Yes, and..." She means add something. You can agree, but you must be willing to play with and advance discussion. Rule three is make statements. Th

It's My Crap, I'll Burn It If I Want To

photo © 2009 miguel | more info (via: Wylio ) No offense to Leslie Gore. The title just came to me as I was reading Louis Gray's missive on Steve Rubel's latest effort to eliminate his tracks online. I love reading Louis because he is well thought out and while I see his point on Rubel's "shiny object" syndrome- I gotta disagree. For completely different reasons though. Rubel explains his reason: "I believe that Plus One, if adopted, is a game changer. These endorsements, plus Facebook likes and other social signals, will help tell Google what to pay attention to and what to let fade away. I want to make it easy for Google. The only way to do so was to scorch the earth. Anything more will confuse it. I want one site to earn the +1s, not three." Now that is bunk. Newer stuff is what is going to be plus-oned to death and Facebook liked, not the old stuff. The best reason I see? It's his. Time Warner, Google, Facebook -

Where's a QR Code When You Need One?

So I dropped into Hardee's to get the kids some of their cheap $1 sodas (32 oz., good deal!). As we loaded up on 128 ounces of soda, I noticed that they had this interesting ad for a Hardee's app! I got interested when I noticed the iPhone and Android app availability. Plus, who is going to ignore that headline "FREE FOOD OR PRIZES." So right there, while waiting for the kids, I decided to download the app. Now, they do have link straight to a webpage on here: . It opens directly into an app download.  It is a GPS checkin app for anytime you are at a Hardee's or Carl Jr 's. I finally got myself a decent QR code scanner and this was an instance that would have made a QR code most valuable. Send me straight to the right appstore where I can get this sucker that much faster. Most instances I've seen have been downright AWFUL uses of QR codes, mostly just sending you to the company website, but this was on

Rewards and Being a Guinea Pig

photo © 2009 Amanda | more info (via: Wylio ) Wow, I've been a slacker. But I've found a GREAT reason to post: Punchtab . You will notice the red ribbon on the upper left corner.  It is part of a plugin to REWARD you for interacting with this site. So far, I gotta say, I'm impressed with it. I've seen the idea elsewhere, but nowhere has done it with such FREEMIUM enthusiasm. The integration is pretty much seemless and is improving by the second. I put it on the site this week and have already seen multiple changes (all great improvements!). What is even more impressive: the folks behind it. See them here.   In asking questions and getting responses, I've already interacted with Ben and Mehdi. And they were RESPONSIVE. Mind you, this the early phase so I'm sure it'll get harder, but they raised some money to help with that. As more and more of online is becoming about gamification, it is nice to see a product REALLY do it in such a simple and positive manne