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Why Frozen Ain't That Great...

Look, I am glad that kids love Frozen. My daughters are on the bandwagon. They LOVE it for most of the reasons that everyone else is saying they love it. We took the family to see it and 3/5 of us were just "meh"- I seriously would put "Tangled" well ahead of it in terms of story, singing, etc... but apparently I'm in the minority. So I am going to use an article from WhatCulture to explain my beefs with it: 1. The Songs. WhatCulture writer tries to suggest that the songs are the most memorable since the '90s hey-day of Menken and Ashman. Most of it feels REALLY forced. And while I agree it has a more "Broadway" feel, it is not necessarily a good thing. In particular, the song (see I CAN'T remember which) where Anna falls for the prince, is cute and might be memorable to others, but the jump cuts DURING the middle of the song as in a montage made the sequence in the movie very odd and off putting. The rest... are "meh."  2