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Thursday, January 27, 2011

What Really Hurts You?
Portrait of a raccoonphoto © 2008 Tambako The Jaguar | more info (via: Wylio)
I mentioned my five year old the other day and how I learn from her constantly.

A scary but ultimately humorous event the other night illustrates one of her inherent strengths and weaknesses(and mine as well).

I was at a meeting after hours when I got a text "E hit her eye on a cabinet, REALLY bad spill!!!"
Hate those in any format, but text is the worst.

I received another moments after, "She needs to talk to you." At an immediately appropriate moment, I got up out of the meeting to call home. My little trooper answered and in her sobbing explained that she hit her eye on the cabinet that we placed in the hall from her brother's room that is getting shipped off.

I got on the phone with my wife and got the full story. She had a doozy of a black eye developing with a huge welt. Of course, the way it happened is the way ANY child gets hurt in such circumstances EXCEPT she rounded the corner after my wife swore she body slapped to the floor and said "I think this is going to hurt."

Of course, once she realized that she had this growing black and blue bump developing out of her face she absolutely LOST IT!!!

I was the same way as a child and even to to this day have been injured and it barely registered with me.

However, the following day, she went to school and did not take well all the children deriding her "black eye." She complained, "but it's NOT! It's just a bruise!" It didn't matter that she looks like half-a-raccoon.

Knowing what can REALLY wound us is important, no?
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