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Friday, January 28, 2011

Building Offline and Online Bridges
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I've seen some posts lately about the expectations that people have about social media online usage.

This started in part with @ambercadabra's post on reciprocity. She rightly points out that the expectation of a follow or friend through Twitter or Facebook is not warranted. This is about expectation right?

I responded to Amber's idea here initially but I've been seeing more and more talk about how to interact online.

A recent great example is @webby2001 post on social media non-natives "not getting it." The gist was users of  social media and everything that it entails need to see the divide or gap and acknowledge that just because the luddites aren't online isn't a reason to "educate" them.

I think this still comes down to expectations. You really need to know why you are using social media, because your goal isn't always going to jibe with people you know online or offline. I said to Tom on his blog, not everyone is a future client or customer.

Just because you communicate heavily one way, you can't just ignore the still "classic" or traditional ways. Nor, more importantly, are the users of them WRONG.

How you building that bridge online and offline?

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