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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How Posterous Caused Me to Jump Ship
This is icon for social networking website. Th...Image via WikipediaWell this wasn't how I was going to do this, but what the heck.
I was ready to bag on Posterous a while back, but after I made the decision to move my "social media" stuff exclusively over to www.socialmediawannabe.com (go ahead you can check out the goodies there) I was contemplating my next move for toddlyden.com.

I learned the entire structure of hosting and the domain were farked up and back tonight so I jumped shipped over to Blogger.

1. I was able to move the entirety of the old blog over with so little hassle it wasn't even funny. Posterous keeps pushing people to move their blogs to them and they would LOVE to have you, but I had almost ZERO time and effort in shifting the old posts over to the new host.

2. Blogger is CHEAP. Oh, yeah- it's FREE. Well so is Posterous, but dang they were killing me. I love FREE but it should be as reliable as possible and I already had experience with a lovely time over here at Blogspot.

3. Posterous was hurting my Facebook feeds. Yes, Posterous is GREAT (generally) at the "autopost" where EVERYTHING under the sun get's your post, but it was having nothing but trouble in the last month of posting.

4. Blogspot's new stats. Dang! I was sold the minute I saw them. As you can see from the Zemanta provided article below, Posterous stats left much to be desired. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not huge on the numbers in terms of whoo look how popular I am but more in the sense of woo- look at what people DID read versus NOT read! Posterous STANK at it.

5. My domain was dead and in trying to fix it, I learned that once you are on Posterous, you can NEVER just delete your way OFF Posterous.

The funny thing was even AFTER I made all the correct changes my old posterous "site" would NOW point to the new toddlyden.com.

I'm not saying not to use Posterous. I tried it and liked it for some time. I might still do something with it even if it's just dumping blog posts into it. I'd try Tumblr, but their record was even spottier.

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