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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Indie Horror Film Found Its Money Online
So I wanted to revisit an older post. I had written about "Absentia," an independent film that was using Kickstarter as a funding source.

This has become a unique proposition for artists and folks with a short-term limited project. You can help fund a variety of cool and interesting projects, but actually get something for it other than the satisfaction of helping.

Fallback Plans actually got 375 backers to pledge over $23,000 when they were only asking for $15,000.

I'm not sure if it is something you would ever use, but isn't it great? I've looked through some of Kickstarter's projects and several folks are brutally honest about one of the issues that is not readily apparent.

Kickstarter charges back on the credit card charges and does charge a fee- neither are surprising or deal breakers. If you have the means to go about asking anyone for money, do so, but this is a great method and allows for enforcement of the gifts given for donating.

Here is the pay off for Fallback Plans- their trailer! Which looks awesome if you are into this scary kinda movie.

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