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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Post-Endgame MCU Team Theory
I've got this crazy idea.
I think Marvel left the playing field open in the post "Avengers:Endgame" landscape for a new super-team.

Back in the pre-Netflix days, there was a super team called "The Defenders."

It's not much of a spoiler to disclose that Dr. Strange has come out intact after Endgame (they've announced a sequel movie).
So right out of the gate you have the first member of this team up as you can tell from the comic cover.

The second member, who always has trouble being in Marvel films due to rights issues with Universal is Mark Ruffalo's Hulk.

He is a little different after the movie, but still available and would be a fantastic addition.

The odd-man out in the cover is Namor the Submariner.
Marvel has claimed that they wanted to make a version of this for years, but it was buried in the Fox deal because he was always lumped in with the Fantastic Four.

I have never liked the idea and now that DC has their Aquaman series rolling, I think the boat was missed, but there are some whispers that he might be introduced as an antagonist to Black Panther in his next film. This makes sense, but like a good anti-hero, Namor (like Hulk) could easily work with the team dynamics of these guys.

Finally, we get to the last piece and one of the more interesting parts about the Defenders. After these three, other characters became a rotating roster of characters. Silver Surfer eventually joins and the entire roster changed out at multiple points.
However, the MCU has left one CRUCIAL character who was nearly always part:
Now, doesn't that sound like a blast? She already has a relationship with Hulk. If you didn't or could not use Namor, find another NEW character and off you go!

I would love to see Tessa Thompson playing against these guys and whoever they could eventually introduce... and maybe even bring a TV Defender over like Luke Cage (who was also a legit Defender at several points).

So what do you think? Possible? 

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