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Saturday, May 15, 2021

New Life


It's weird, sad and slightly freeing.

I've been headed towards a completely different life for a lot longer than I even knew.

It took me a while to catch up to realize it was happening. 

Thankfully, I was cognizant enough to see it finally and mostly ready for it.

It's amazing when you have the rug completely pulled out from underneath you. The adjustments are jarring. 

I made mistakes, but like most I learned from them, adapted, and tried my best to do better.

The reason you see that truck next to a storage place? That's the sum of my life right now. 

Never take for granted that you will work hard for something or someone, and it will end up meaning very little. You are guaranteed nothing, owed nothing, promised nothing. Anything and everything can be taken away in a heartbeat. 

I wrote this to my kids a while back:

I tried to be the best father I could be based on what I knew when I knew it and how I could. One of the lessons for your life needs to be: you need to be functional and working yourself to work with others. Sacrifice is necessary sometimes, but at your own cost is ultimately detrimental to everyone.

I closed with a note similar to what I have said here, but reminded them that any relationship and anything given is a choice.

I am grateful I can make my choices now.

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