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My 2018 Movie Review Post

I have not done a movie review post since 2016, but I thought I would take a look back at 2018 and see how I did with the US movie box office.
I posted in order the movies by US take and was amazed how many I did not bother or haven't seen as of yet. 

1             Black Panther -   while we shouldn't be surprised considering the pedigree and the resources behind this picture, it is still remarkable how successful this movie is on virtually every level. Yes, it does have some shoddy CGI towards the end and the finale battle doesn't quite work or feel quite right, but otherwise as the recent Oscars bear out- the individual parts all worked in such concert it is amazing to think that this was only the third feature from the director.   
2             Avengers: Infinity War - a multi-year exercise over different franchises and creators has come to fruition with the ultimate crisis team-up film that feels like something I might have read in comic nearly thirty years ago. It works mostly due to the deft hands of directors the Russo Bros and the yeoman work keeping years of comic history and movie coordination via Kevin Feige.   
3             Incredibles 2     - this is probably the second best sequel of a Pixar movie (Toy Story 2 still wins), but considering the bar is so high with the first Incredibles, this one feels like a slight let down. It functionally repeats most of the same beats with flipped parents. Shame...
4             Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom  Wow, I had no interest in seeing this after the re-tread of JW and the sorry looking trailers.
5             Aquaman - the surprise of the year. Wow, you will believe a Momoa can swim. Who knew that a horror director with some Fast and Furious experience could create one of the more fun, inventive, and gorgeous comic films in recent memory?            
6             Deadpool 2  - not the let down of the Incredibles, but also faded in the shadow of its predecessor. Funny, but not as good as it needed to be considering the first movie.
7             Dr. Seuss' The Grinch (2018)     - no, just no.
8             Mission: Impossible - Fallout  - Tom Cruise will be making these films at 75 with Chris McQuarrie directing. They make it look effortless now.     
9             Ant-Man and the Wasp - This Marvel franchise is probably my secret favorite because it has such small stakes (pun intended). While it clearly fits into the overall picture of Marvel, it exists so well out in its own world. Peyton Reed deserves to helm the eventual Fantastic Four film based on his work on this film in particular. Beck is still one of my favorite composers in the Marvel universe for what he brings to these movies.
10           Solo: A Star Wars Story - ugh, so unneeded. I was ok with Rogue One, but clearly the problems have overwhelmed the production of these "story" films. They took one of the coolest characters in the history of film and made him, dull?
11           Venom (2018)   - wow, Aquaman is the biggest surprise, but this movie was a close second and apparently was trying to give a run for its literal money. I enjoyed the heck out of this.
12           Bohemian Rhapsody      - hopefully, my youngest never sees this, but it was ok. Nothing Oscar worthy here unfortunately. A good solid bio-pic but only two steps in production from being a TV movie.
13           A Star is Born (2018) I don't think I've seen any of the other ones... why start now?       
14           Ralph Breaks the Internet - I see no reason for this, maybe will watch when it comes to Netflix or whatever Disney is going to be streaming.            
15           A Quiet Place- You will believe that Jim from the Office can direct one of the best movies you've ever seen. This was a gem of a scary movie. And his love letter to his kids will break your heart.
16           Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse- best Spider-man movie ever? Probably. Believe the hype.
17           Crazy Rich Asians- Wow, who knew there were this many Asian actors in Hollywood? Great work- good rom-com, best ever? Meh.             
18           Mary Poppins Returns  - SEE #14
19           Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation - There was a second one???
20           Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald- Nope, just no way.        
21           Halloween (2018)- heard it was good and will see eventually I'm sure.
22           The Meg - Statham needs a new manager. Still haven't seen.             
23           Ocean's 8- I fear this because I would want it to not suck. Will see soon.           
24           Ready Player One - no thanks. Spielberg, why?          
25           Bumblebee- Will see eventually, and have hope for it considering the reboot look and relatively Bay-free.

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