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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dear Founder, Don't Be the Bad Waiter
Photo by Alvaro Serrano
Dear Founder/Marketing Head/Product Development/Customer Funtime Lead,

I am just writing this vague and boilerplate email to repond to the Nth Billionth email I've received from one of you with regards to your freemium, SAAS product/app of choice.

Look, if I had questions or concerns about your product, I am a smart enough guy to find the email, contact page, or bot that you call a chat module to get an answer.

If you want feedback, you really do need to give me enough time to actually use your product. Emailing me a mere day or two after I have only signedup for the product is not enough time for me to evaluate something.

It finally occurred to me that you are like the waitress who comes back to the table right after dropping the food and asking if I like it before I've even begun to chew.

So please, stop.

Just don't bother. Use your email for advertising or something else, but pestering a potential client like this is a pretty good way to make sure I stay a potential client and not an actual one.


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