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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Force Has Awoken Something
I've already given my two cents about the latest Star Wars missive. You can listen here.

I wanted to talk about two things that really stood out for me about this latest addition to the Star Wars universe.

1. This is just a remake.
Yes. So what? JJ Abrams and company had a TALL order when Disney laid this one on them. First, the last Star Wars property had REALLY burned the fans of the original trilogy. Even a fan of the prequels has to admit that most criticism of the prequels is legit for the most part.
Second, this was a "sequel" to a movie that is nearly 40 years old. Wow, that'll make you feel old.
For those like me who remember seeing the original Star Wars in 1977, that's like a legit sequel to "Wizard of Oz" that came out that year. Can you imagine the lambasting that anyone taking THAT on would have to deal with?
Most of our kids and all of China have never seen the original movies- it is about to open this Saturday!
While us old folks get to remember the first time we saw this story being told on the big screen, these folks haven't. I can deal with the repetition to get a decent story, good effects, and new Star Wars movie on the big screen! Imagine being one of those that NEVER saw the original trilogy- I did with my daughter who has the Avengers as her Star Wars, but she felt the same way.

2. This get to my second point. A female led action scifi movie is about to become one of the biggest movies in history. This is GREAT. My daughter has gravitated towards strong female characters and I am so glad that Star Wars has one. She loved "Edge of Tomorrow's" Emily Blunt, but she had to share with Tom Cruise. She loves the Black Widow in the Avengers movies. I can't show her Aliens yet, but believe me- I think she is going to love Ripley when the time comes.

I was really moved for a variety of reasons when I saw this movie the first time, but these two points really stood out the second time I watched it (with my daughter).

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