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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cover of "The Road to El Dorado"Cover of The Road to El Dorado
I love animated film and cartoons.
This means my kids must tolerate my abhorrence to much of what passes for cartoons on TV today but revel together in such fun things as the latest Pixar movie.
I love lists, so Richard Corliss of Time putting out the top 25 animated films is right up my alley.

But he is WRONG on so many levels.
1. he places Pinocchio and dumbo ahead of Snow White in the Disney pantheon. I don't care for the three movies all that much, but seriously?
2. Lion King? He puts that in and leaves out Bambi?
3. I guess he doesn't count "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" as animated - strike 1
4. He includes both Toy Story 1 and 3- no love for 2?
5. Pixar owns 1/5 of the list when it could be conceivably more.
6. I'd have found a place for "Road to El Dorado" or "Sinbad" - just sayin'.
7. "Happy Feet?" Ugh, I'd have sooner seen "Despicable Me" or "How to Train Your Dragon."
8. No "Beauty and the Beast?" This was the ONLY animated film EVER nominated for an Oscar - strike 2
9. Final strike- NO "Iron Giant?" Sorry Mr. Corliss- I can't take this list even remotely serious.

What would be on your list?
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