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Monday, July 25, 2011

Problem Solving: Erica Style

Ok, so I mention my youngest a bit on here.

But this REALLY struck me yesterday. We bought a new car, which borderline defies description.

It is a Mazda5. Mazda describes it as a "sportswagon." I think it is somewhere between a mini-van and a station wagon. We've heard it described as a mini-mini van, perfect for the ex-wife. We still have our mini-van. Both are different shades of blue.

Erica recognized, without being prodded, that to talk about the two vehicles was going to be tough. As we got in one of the vehicles, she said, "you know, we should call the new van "Maximus," and the old van "Oscar" so we know which is which.

Six years old. She knew we were going to have this issue and divined the solution before the problem had really presented itself.

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