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Friday, July 1, 2011

Nibbling at Facebook: G+ Slow and Steady

So far so good. Is this what Twitter was like in the early days or FB back when it was .edu only?
Great product without people to populate it?

I mentioned yesterday that Google doesn't have to KILL Facebook. Folks finally seem to be coming around to this logic.

Yes, they basically copied the ideas and improved them based on what people DIDN'T like about Facebook. Is it enough to hurt/kill Facebook?

Insanely doubtful. But they don't have to. I was reminded of the riddle/question "how do eat you an elephant?" as I pondered why folks kept suggesting that Google could not takedown FB with G+.

Even if it was their goal, there is no magic bullet for them. Nothing particularly original is going to change people's minds. Facebook was once in a generation- just as Google was for search, but Google has done other things that people like.

Will the loyalty work? It might considering the suite of products that actually make up Google plus. Also, it will integrate eventually with virtually every thing else they do. Even if you don't love Google, do you know anyone who doesn't use SOMETHING Google is involved in?

No, they just need to eat away at the elephant that is Facebook. Marketshare does NOT have to be absolute like so many seem to be treating it in this discussion of Google v. Facebook.
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