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One Reason Google Plus has a Chance

Android robot logo.Image via Wikipedia
Wow, the backlash against the Google Plus roll out has begun!
Granted, I am an unabashed Google fan, but even I have my limits. (Wave anyone?)

But one thing I mentioned yesterday and has been largely ignored so far? Google is pushing HARD on the mobile market. "Android appears on track to remain the mobile computing market leader during the next five years." Within five years, Android is going to be over HALF the worldwide mobile market in tablets and smartphones. 

And guess where Google Plus is already? Android Marketplace. 

Google has one billion users to Facebook's total 750 million world wide (I'd still love to see EITHER'S real active users). The number is going to grow on the Google side just due to Android alone.

Like I said, Google has a chance. We all ask if this is about killing Facebook, but Google seems to be asking the right question- how do they compete on their turf? The killing, or just doing well, can come later.

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