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Monday, June 27, 2011

Bragging and Knowing Your Life Plan
‎1st. You're a baby. 2nd. You're a kid. 3rd. You're a teenager. 4th. You are a young adult. 5th. You are in college. 6th. You get married. 7th. You have kids. 8th. You are old grandma or grandpa. 9th. You DIE. 10th. Your life is over.
I have two points today.

1. I tend to talk about my youngest a lot on here. Is that ok? Is it bragging? Partially. I am so impressed with what she does and says sometimes, I just want it slightly validated that what I thought was cool is cool.
Sure, I'm biased, but some of what she does and says is just nuts. Look up there: she wrote that. Six years old and she has it all figured out. Step six in life? "You get meredid."

Mark Schaefer was talking today about how bloggers needed to express more pride. For him, it was finally getting quoted in the NY Times. He describes this "bragging" as a taboo, but I don't see it. I suppose it is semantics, but whether you wrap it up in a "let me share an experience so you can learn something" blog post or are just blatantly saying "look at what I did" you are still trying to show off, right? Anyhoo, if I do it too much call me out.

Second point, my daughter's life plans (for everyone apparently) at the age of six. Granted, it is simple but what got me was the end. She got it. Game over. You do all this stuff and then you are done. Wow.
What does this mean for how she progresses? I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see.

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