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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Cloud Ain't Broken
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This blog is hosted on Google's Blogger. I am an unrepentant Google fan.

You've probably seen the information about the Bloggerpocalypse of 2011.

There were recent reports about the reliability of Blogger versus so many other platforms. Does this hurt? 

I'd say no. How many complaints have you heard against a variety of web hosting companies. Bluehost, Host Gator and Godaddy are all still standing right?

Loyalist like what they like. Sure, there are plenty of reasons to consider a Wordpress.com or .org account, but is it any more reliable?

The bigger question becomes: do we trust the cloud? Uhm, what do you think your website with oodles of pages is sitting on? Unless you have it on your OWN server (and backed up), it's pretty much the same.

The cloud is doing EXACTLY what it is supposed to. The scary part is that more and more traditional drive based and desktop-based functions are moving towards the cloud. Look at Microsoft Office 365!

You don't have to TRUST the cloud, but more and more are and you will probably have to get used to it.
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