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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Foo-based Blog Topics
This image was cropped from original on Flickr.Image via WikipediaEveryone is creating blogging topic helpers.

Brogan is selling them. Others giving them away for free.
Decided I wanted some inspiration and found it a few weeks ago with the release of the Foo Fighter's Wasting Light album. I wrote about the first  line of the first song was "These are my famous words" and I asked, what would yours be (in 140 characters of course).

So what about the rest of the songs? Turns out Grohl gives food for thought.

"A Matter of Time" opens with "Let's change the subject to someone else."

"Back and Forth" starts with "Once upon a time, I was someone else"

"Arlandria's" first line is "Ain't that the way it always starts, a simple round of conversation."

"I Shoulda Known" starts with the predicable "I should have known it would end this way."

"White Limo," one of the least understandable songs in history, opens with "I'll take it out of the wishing well."

"Walk's opening line is "A million miles away, your signal in the distance."

I like the opening of "Rope" alot: "This indecision got me climbing up the walls." (Sounds like Gini D's latest post was written with this in mind.)

Or maybe it was "These Days": "One of these days the ground will drop out from beneath your feet."

"Miss the Misery" opens with "If I had my way; If I had to lose, Wouldn't take back one thing; Never had much to choose."

Finally, the tough "Dear Rosemary": "You got away from me;  now, get away from me."

Sure these might not help you, but I am going to try and post based on them in the next few weeks. Where are you getting your oddball post ideas?
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