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Thursday, March 24, 2011

QuickTake: My Life on Droid
Samsung Intercept shown with keyboard openImage via Wikipedia
Ever built an idea up in your head and then have it completely deflated?
You anticipated something so cool, so neat, you just could not wait?

I was almost to that point when I got my hands on a Droid phone for a new phone account.

Mind you, it was cool. All those app buttons just sitting there.

But it hasn't made a huge or drastic change in my life. I was on a Samsung Seek before I switched over. It was a "dumbphone," but I could check all my emails, post to Twitter and Facebook when I needed, and even check other things online when need be.

I have to worry with my new phone about power usage, the number of apps running, whether it is using Wifi or the signal, was the change worth it?

I'll let you know in the future.

So far, I do like the phone. Here are some issues I have with it (it being a Samsung Intercept):
- the battery indicator is ALL over the place. I have tried several apps and they are all telling me something different from the native battery indicator.
- it gets HOT. Especially when it is struggling to find either kind of signal.
- apps are cool, but they won't replace just being on a computer or laptop.
- there is a search button on the lower right that ALWAYS seems to get pressed.
- auto pulling contacts from EVERY app and thing I used from Twitter to Gmail sounded cool, but isn't practically.

Otherwise, I'm still jazzed!
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