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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Kids are All Right
Malthouse has Epic Armageddonphoto © 2008 Epic Beer | more info (via: Wylio)
I suppose the title was misleading.
This isn't a review of the poignant Oscar nominated movie. If you would like one, look at Damond's here.

Rather, I wanted to talk about the state of raising kids today. I inherited two great kids when I  married my ex-wife nearly eight years ago. We had our own together six years ago- you've heard of her. 

We've had the "kids in the world" discussion a few times. The state of the world is so rocky, global warming, wars etc. I've actually heard people say they were not having kids because they could not imagine bringing kids into "this" world.

Wow. When I was growing up I remember the Cold War. I remember the drills. We heard the history of the Bay of Pigs and how on the brink we were then!

The problems of the world may have changed slightly or a lot I supposed based on your point of view, but if our parents all took the same POV none of us would be here.

My kids also talk about their problems as if they were something new. Nothing has changed on that front either has it? Mind you, there are new iterations of old problems and new ways to get in trouble, but bullies are still bullies, grades are still grades, and the world is still going to keep spinning.

So, yes the kids are STILL all right and I am glad I have mine.
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