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Monday, March 28, 2011

Epitome Monday: Joe Johnston, First Avenger director
Joe Johnston at the 2010 San Deigo Comic-Con I...Image via WikipediaSomething different today. Directors! As the slate of summer movies starts, Captain America is a movie that is getting some attention.

The director of the action, period piece is Joe Johnston. The man is a protege of George Lucas. He designed Boba Fett! Heck, he was a stormtrooper on the Death Star!

He is a master of special effects, but also loves to tell a great story.

He stepped in to clean up the mess a previous director made of last year's "Wolfman" with Benico Del Toro.
Before that, he directed the passion project, "Hidalgo."

My epitome movie for Mr. Johnston is "The Rocketeer." Sure he did great special effects in "Jurassic Park 3," still my fave of those dino-movies.

He had a great run with "Jumanji." Did you know he directed "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids?" The man is versatile, but his willingness to tell a great story married to even better special effects is unmatched.

Which movie of his was YOUR favorite?
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