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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Checking in With the CR-48
Google Chrome Icon
I decided to experiment with my CR-48 Chrome/Google Notebook today.
I was travelling all over town with a group so it was a perfect chance to test the available of networks and ultimately to finally test the Verizon wi-fi.

Lessons learned:
1. my town SUCKS for free internet. Hopefully they can solve this. You'd think in the locations I was that there would be more available networks. Nearly every single one was protected. The few that I found were extremely weak signals.

2. Chrome based work RELIES on internet. I wish they would figure some way to do some work without the link, but until they find a way to have some connection or some space (heck, even a usb)- this bad boy is WORTHLESS without an internet connection.

3. The Verizon wireless provided by Google was a joke. 100mb? I burned through it in just about one and half hours without trying. I did not do much. Seriously, the last thing I did was write this post.

I still love this notebook. I still like the cloud, but the tether is still too much to live with and I think will pooch the deal for most people

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