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Monday, March 21, 2011

Adios Sprint
Where was Dan Hesse last week? The CEO of Sprint was out talking about his product again. Ignored my open letter.

Let me be clear with my eulogy: I come not to bury Sprint, but praise it.

Twelve years is a long term commitment for those looking at their telephone service relationship.

There were a few times that I was pretty sure I might leave Spring before now. But it took a temping harlot for me to turn my back on a company I have been loyal to for so long.

My first day of Virgin Mobile service and I am fairly happy I made the switch. Despites complaints to the contrary, there was no issue porting my phone number over.

The customer service was impeccable. The website easy to manage.

So why did I leave Sprint? Money. Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint and somehow can provide an individual with reasonably priced smartphones and good cheap service plans. I got an Intercept, a Droid phone. For $27, I have unlimited texting and data with a mere 300 minutes of talk- for $40 you can up that to 1200.

Mind you, Sprint has a plan: Everything Data - with Any Mobile, AnytimeSM.
It provides unlimited data, talk, and text and for some reason "nights and weekend minutes?"

Let's be clear, I don't hate Sprint and don't wish them ill will. I just found a better deal.

I did clarify in my last post that I felt their customer service rep was a bit dishonest in his attempt to keep me. 
This was part of the reason I felt little compunction in leaving Sprint.

So I say good night to you Sprint, perhaps we shall meet again? 
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