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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tool: Grooveshark
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I've mentioned my CR-48 usage. (Makes me think of Commodore 64, ah the good OLD days. Still don't have a good name for it other than "Chrome Notebook.)

In my last missive, I mentioned Grooveshark. A conversation on Damond Nollan's Blogtalk show prompted me to recommend it and I am doing so again.

Since the Chrome Notebook is beholden to the cloud, I've searched for options for music listening. Little did I realize how serious people were about their iTunes.

I've NEVER liked iTunes. I downloaded it, but that sucker is such a DRAIN on computers. It was slow clunky and I hated dealing with it.

Grooveshark, while slightly clunky, has a simple interface, is fairly intuitive, and pretty much has much of what you are looking for. I've found about 90% of any music I've ever looked for.

It allows for easy sharing to Facebook and Twitter. You can easily set up playlists and designate favorites.

My only gripe is my fault. They have a mobile app for $9/month or $90/year (save nearly $20!)that allows for online and offline playing of the music. I don't have any of the smartphones they support, but if you have one- they have your hookup!

I'm loving it because I've got music any time I am online now.
What do you use for your online music listening pleasure?

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