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Friday, February 4, 2011

Quick Take: CR-48, Chrome Notebook or "Where have been all my life?"
My Cr-48 just arrived, time to check out Chrome OS
I just about gave my wife a heart attack this afternoon opening a non-descript box at lunch time.

She had ordered something online and we expected it to be it- some cleaning stuff.

It wasn't. It was a Chrome Notebook from Google. I am fairly sure I had a similar reaction to my daughter's birth. Except, I was probably louder this time.

I'm not going into an indepth review, other smarter people have done that already. I was just giddy that I got one.

Three quick impressions:
1. it's fast. period. open it and it rolls, close it and it's off.
2. the touchpad is from the devil. i finally got the two fingered scrolling to make some sense, but the damn thing still jumps around. i ordered a wireless mouse to ease my pain.
3. i think cloud living will work for internet stuff. i am still trying to find work arounds for certain system based things and why doesn't the flash card work?

Otherwise, Google, you beat Santa  this year, well played.
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