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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quick Take: Chrome Notebook - Living in the Cloud
Picture of the new release of Google Chrome OS

Make sure you sing that title to Aerosmith's "Living on the Edge."

Been living with the Cr 48 or Chrome OS Notebook for a week now. Doing most of my web work on it when I can.
1. Reviews online that complain about the hardware need to quit their complaining. This was a FREE prototype. Reviews that complain that the system is wonky, knock it off. This is the beta test! 
2. The devil might not have made the trackpad, but some demon did. I finally got the feel of the two fingered scrolling and even got the hang of right clicking with two fingers. However, it was still jumping all over the place! Probably just a hair too big.
3. The webcam and microphone are silly. But then again, I did not pay for them, but then again why include them?
4. The offline experience blows. This was built for the internet and the cloud, when you can not connect to them. Ugh. One glaring drawback that would kill this for any non-serious computer user.
5. Ain't nothing wrong with files in the cloud. Using this sucker has pushed me to research and use the cloud even MORE than I did before and this is a good thing.
6. Battery life is sick! I did some regular web browsing and my social media stuff on Super Bowl night for nearly 8 hours before it dropped to half life. Sweet.

Living in the Cloud
I used to LIKE Grooveshark, but now I love it. I've decided to play with Audiogalaxy a bit for my music needs, but why go through all the work when almost anything you'd ever want is on Grooveshark?

Dropbox was my friend, now its my roommate, but I've started dabbling in Box.net and dang! I'm loving it. Sorry Mickey D's.

What is Google's endgame for this prototype and ultimate the OS?
I can definitely see a few options down the line. Something akin to a phone plan attached or even Google biting the bullet giving these suckers away for you to find your OWN plan but fundamentally paid for with advertising through the myriad ways they can build into the OS.

Either way, I'm still a sucker for Google.

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