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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quick Take: Catfish
don't let anyone tell you what it isphoto © 2011 Suketu Gajjar | more info (via: Wylio)

Thank goodness for Redbox free codes. I was stumbling through the movies on the screen and was reminded that "Catfish" was supposed to be a cool, weird documentary. It had gotten accolades since premiering at Sundance last year.

It was semi-shrouded in mystery asking viewers NOT to tell anyone what it was (Catfish). I still don't know what the title has to do with the movie, but by the end I could have cared less.

Reviews have described the film as "jaw-dropping" and "surprising," but you'd have to be asleep for the beginning of the movie not to see how it is all going to play out.

I would say that this movie deserves the title "The Facebook Movie" or the "Social Network." At it's core is how people interact on the internet and how it translates to real life.

If you've been online for any length of time, the issues of this movie are not going to be shocking or strange. It will probably have a very ho-hum aspect to it. OR maybe not, I can see why some were entranced but I assume they have never been on Facebook that much.

I won't spoil the film (unless you want me to, email here  to be spoiled), but the premise is based on a NY photographer receiving a painting of one his photos from a young girl in Michigan and developing a relationship with the family including the mother and her older sister.

There is some controversy over the film as to whether it is a documentary or was staged. Either way doesn't matter, it was fairly boring from stem to stern and only interesting in a car crash kind of way. I've been more shocked at things I've seen on day time TV.
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