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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Movies That SHOULD Be in 3D?
Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden ZoneImage via WikipediaI have despised virtually every 3D movie I have seen in recent memory with the notable exception of My Bloody Valentine 3D and Spacehunter: Advenures in the Forbidden Zone (admittedly not that recent).

But introducing my son to "The Matrix" for the first time this weekend, we both had the same thought at probably the same time. When it was all done, he asks "did they ever show that in 3D?"

I was thinking the same thing watching the movie again for the nth time. With all these announced 3D flicks that have ZERO business being in 3D, why not go back and put something in 3D that deserves it?

I looked around online and discovered there is a Facebook group lobbying for this!

At least one site agrees with me! In fact, they make some superior suggestions for older films that deserve the 3D treatment well before the next Harry Potter film. I've heard they are already working on the Star Wars movies (Lucas, you whore!)

So the question is, which older movies deserve the 3D treatment?

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