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Monday, February 28, 2011

Epitome Monday: Christian Bale
Christian Bale at the red carpet film premiere...Image via WikipediaBatman finally won an Oscar.

Christian Bale took home the gold this year with his supporting performance in "The Fighter." (Guess which movie is next on my que?)

So I thought he would be appropriate for today's installment of epitome Monday.

So which performance is his crowning achievement? Is it Dicky in "The Fighter?" I can't say it is because I haven't seen it yet.

What about his Batman? "The Dark Knight" and "Batman Begins" are fantastic work.

Perhaps you go back even further? "Empire of the Sun" really gave a tip that this child actor was going to become a powerhouse some day.

Maybe "Newsies?" Yes, he was in that. How about the bad guy in "Shaft?" Yes, he did play against Samuel L. Jackson!

Me? I'm going with "Equilibrium." This is the actiony B-movie that illustrated he had the action chops along with the emoting skills. John Preston has to learn how to have emotions in  that film all the while mastering "gun-fu."

Which is your favorite Christian Bale performance?
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