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Monday, February 21, 2011

Epitome Monday: Angelina Jolie
Cover of "Playing By Heart"Cover of Playing By HeartFor my second installment of this regular post, I wanted to REALLY stir the pot.

I covered Robin Williams in the last one, which was more inspiration than true controversy.

For this one, I realize most folks associate Mrs. Pitt with her more actiony roles like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Tomb Raider, or her latest, Salt.

Granted, she has done some great straight dramas as well. Gia is where she came to reknown. Maybe you remember Girl, Interrupted? Perhaps, the Oscar-bait of The Changeling?

I would love to see her do more comedies because the first movie I remember her from is the maligned Hackers.  Half teen comedy, quarter action, and quarter badly imagine "hacking" - it made for a good time.

However, my epitome performance from Jon Voight's daughter is Playing by Heart.
Playing by wha?  you ask... This ensemble dramedy came out in 1998 and placed Jolie on a palette with Sean Connery, Dennis Quaid, and Jon Stewart (yes, the comedian tried to act, and it worked).

The story is an intertwined love story told much the same way as Crash, but with less drama and a great soundtrack by the recently decease John Barry. Jolie almost doesn't seem to be acting and her section of the film provided the backbone for the rest of the interactions.

I think many could make the case for a more action-oriented flick such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but most the action roles she has played required more in the way of the action itself than the acting. There are a few other films that might make the cut. Look here for her filmography and let me know which performance you thought was her epitome.

Which film do you most associate Mrs. Pitt with?

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