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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Curating Your Butt 5
It's been a little while since I did a CYB- which is essentially my form of Follow Friday. 
Here are the previous posts to highlight bloggerati from around the world!

This week, I am going highlight some lady bloggers again.

Amber is whip smart funny. Has a bio that will make you jealous. And lives in LA (not sure if that will make you jealous). 
You can't go wrong with someone who uses Blogger either. Here is one of her more popular posts on the good, bad and ugly of Twitter and one that I really enjoyed.

Second, @ericamallison (which I still say in my head as Erica Mallison).
I'm going to have a soft spot for anyone named Erica because that is my youngest's name. But this Erica is balancing work, kids, Twitter and blogging! Whew. Check out her talking about work and her kids here.

Finally, @maddiegrant (association goddess!)
I've been reading Maddie long enough to be able to say diaryofareluctantblogger with a straight face. Another Blogger blog! Maddie is now SocialFishing and writing big books like Open Community. If you work with or for associations AT ALL, give her a shot. Her most recent post is pumping for a Tweeting tool I like as well. Tool addicts I enjoy because I LOVE THEM!
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